A concatenation of neorealism, cultural dyslexia, and a-rhythmic humor, Alonso Clemente’s Tabacito, which takes place ten years hence, is an Indy Mexican Dramedy set in Los Angeles.

One half of its hero, Gabriel (Jose Alvarez), spelunks about East LA with his paternal twin, Martina (Maria Garcia), chirping Linklater-esque dialogue in…

This article discusses a few of the basic ways to get involved in Cryptocurrency..

Well you’ve heard of “cryptocurrency” and maybe something about “blockchain” but you don’t really know what these things are or how they relate. This is the target demographic for this particular article, which aims to supply a snappy ‘How-to Crypto*”.

The first step is philosophical, understand where blockchain was born…

Joseph Voelbel

Bachelor of Arts (NYU) - English. Master of Communication Management (USC) - Entertainment.

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