China Gov Ranks Ethereum Blockchain Number One in the World

According to China’s CCID, Ethereum is the number one blockchain in the world…

In what is surprising the decentralized cryptographic ledger world today China’s Governmental organization, the CCID (China Center for Information Industry Development), has just published an Index (to be updated monthly) of its top 28 Blockchain Technologies, based on three factors: Technology, Application, and Innovation. Ethereum came in at number one.

After banning cryptocurrencies and ICO’s back in September of 2017, the PRC continued to turn up the heat by cracking down on “online platforms and mobile apps that offer exchange like services” in January of 2018, as reported by this news article assisted by Steven Yang, which also states, that “Up until early last year, China was the most active market for Bitcoin trading on exchanges.” Despite this regulatory clamp-down, or kaibosh, China’s interest in Blockchain Technologies has never ceased.

For example, as noted by, Investopedia, and others, China owns the maximum number of Blockchain patents worldwide, coming in at 284, which is twice as many as the US’s 112; China secured 225 of its total in 2017 alone. Clearly, China continues to look into ways to use this blockchain technology. Also, the most popular Chinese stock app Straightflush, just began listing Cryptocurrency prices this week.

As for the index announcement, which came out last week, it has shown that China still seeks to be the key player in the advancement of Blockchain technologies, having specifically established the CCID (Qinqgao) Blockchain Institute, and the China Blockchain Ecological Alliance as key players.

The list submitted comes in order as follows: Ethereum, Steem, Lisk, NEO, Komodo, Stellar, Cardano, IOTA, Monero, Stratis, Qtum, BitShares, Bitcoin, Verge, Waves, Ether Classic, Reverb Chain, Dash, Cloud Storage Chain, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ark, Big Zero Coin, Nano, Bit Cash, Decred, Super Cash, and New Chain.

Needless to say, Bitcoin enthusiasts were flabbergasted to see its blockchain come in at a paltry thirteenth, having existed far longer than all of the blockchains ranked above it.

Joseph Voelbel is a Blockchain Researcher living in Los Angeles. You can follow him on Twitter here.

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Bachelor of Arts (NYU) - English. Master of Communication Management (USC) - Entertainment.

Bachelor of Arts (NYU) - English. Master of Communication Management (USC) - Entertainment.