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  • Nir Kshetri

    Nir Kshetri

  • Victor Savath

    Victor Savath

  • Will Bernholz

    Will Bernholz

    Just another marketing guy with some solid stories.

  • Conscious WebStudios

    Conscious WebStudios

    We are a small creative agency committed to helping conscious businesses grow their brands online.

  • Scaleswap


    ScaleSwap is a fully decentralized IDO launchpad — harnessing the power of an advanced layer 2 scaling protocol. We aim to set the new standard for DeFi.

  • Akira Chan

    Akira Chan

    Documentary filmmaker and the founder of Rare Media, a production studio that works with entrepreneurs and artists. He writes on culture, innovation, and media.

  • Mikael Mathison

    Mikael Mathison

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